Acupressure Band

Hi mommies. My husband bought for me this band from Guardian Pharmacy. Has anyone tried these bands before? Any thoughts? Care to share?

Acupressure Band
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I use combi of these whole day on both wrist, ruyi oil on tummy, peppermint essential oil on nose, plus anti puke med coz my afternoon sickness is quite bad... initially even with anti puke med I still puke at times... now combi maybe 2 to 3 times puke a week..

I used it at 9 weeks preg when on the ferry to and fro from Batam. Find that it did little to relieve my motion and morning sickness. I still felt nauseous n throw up...Perhaps it might work for some.

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I bought this as I get sea sick. I find it useless for sea sick (medicine still works better). However for nausea in pregnancy, no harm trying!

No, I just massage the point around 3-4 fingers below the wrist and helps to alleviate nausea or giddiness abit

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Didn't know this even existed! I used to have nausea pills to help with the nausea during pregnancy.


Guardian do sell, however the pharmacist told me it doesn't help much for morning sickness.

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I will ask my friend to try. She going thru chemo. Thanks

2y ago

I bought it at guardian pharmacy

Have never seen this but would like to try this

Works for relieving morning sickness for me

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I've tried. Doesn't work for me