Is it safe to give ridwind baby drops for newborn?🤔

Hi, is there anyone who tried ridwind baby drops for newborn to ease colic before? Is this safe as my confinement nanny said this can help, but it is without doc's prescription however this rid wind drops can be bought from Guardian pharmacy. Need more advises here please, thanks!

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Thanks for the advises! The ridwind drop didn't specify exact age range. It only indicates infant to children. Having that most gripe water stated only 1 month old and above, seems like it is better to introduce any of such oral relief only after 1 month old. We do have Woodward's gripe water, but my baby is less than 3 weeks old. Very cranky and cries for long, suspecting he has colic. But guess we'll just have to wait it out till he is 1 month old to give the Woodward's then. Thanks again!

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I gave my 1+mo baby both ridwind (prescribed by PD) and biogaia but it didn't help. We tried giving her avent colic bottle too but she don't like the teat. In the end we switched the formula to similac alimantum which is v expensive but we saw great improvement, she's no longer so gassy. We have since switched to nanpro HA at 2+mo which is not as pricey, so far so good.

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Ridwind is safe. My newborn is currently 22days old. Went kkh as she cried alot during the night time and uncontrollably, suspected colic too. Thus they provide me with ridwind. But however, im trying to see if it makes any diff as till now, she still behaving cranky as before. :(

My daughter is three months and it would have been impossible to handle her without these ridwind drops. If your baby is struggling with gas this is definitely worth a shot.

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how much dosage does u give your 3months? and how frequently do u give

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I tried ridwind but didn't see any improvement for me. I gave him gripe water instead and saw am immediate relief.

Yes, tried ridwind at 1 month. Easier for gas to come out... some improvement

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I started using ridwind from 1 month old. No issues

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Biogaia - Not ridwind