4 months old can eat already?

Hi mommies, can we give 4 months old baby cerelac already? Bcs it seems so hard for my baby to finish his milk during the day. Please helpppp #1stimemom #advicepls

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Even if you want to start solids now, please don’t start with instant food…Getting distracted during milk feeding is typical for 4 month olds. It’s just a developmental phase. They’re more aware now they like to play, look at moving things, lights etc. It’s mommy’s job to make sure they drink the milk. Find ways to do that like feeding in a dimmed room instead of in front of the TV or near people having conversations, or singing to her lullabies so that she redirects her focus to mommy. Don’t give up mommy! Besides, babies have their entire life ahead of them to eat solids. There’s no need to rush, in my opinion 😊

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My baby also start solid food(Cerelac, the rice flavor, once a day, mixed with breast milk) at 4 months old. Paediatrician advice that my baby ready for solid food after she saw my baby growth development. Maybe you should get advice from Paeditrician instead of general doctor since they’re more expert and specializing with baby. WHO did mentioned that we can start introducing solid food between 4 to 6 months old but after consult with paediatrician. Again, all babies not the same. I really encourage you to consult with Pediatrician.

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What brand of fm did you give to your baby? You should refer to your doctor regarding this. Get their advise bcs some of babies can start eat solid when they reach 4mth but not all babies so better try to avoid it. The milk should be the right amount of ounz on right hours..most babies take time to finish their milk bcs maybe they’re still full. My 1st born son drink milk every 3/4hours for 3/4 ounz when he reached 4mth..regarding the food I think you should refer to doctor. All the best mommy. You can do this. Dont ever give up.

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Also, there are other signs that you have to look out for to know if a baby is ready to start solids. You can google this, this information is everywhere. One of the signs is that your baby can sit unassisted.

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supposedly can not...but it's better u ask nurse or doctor so that they can check whether ur baby digestive system is ready to accept food or not..some baby early in development..

please no.. baby can only start eat 6 month and above. Could be dangerous if u start now.. refer to doc please..

no!! please..only can start solid on 6m..need to change milk or else..please seek doctor advise. please please..

please don't give solid food yet.. the body can't digest the foods yet.. better discuss with your doc..

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Please avoid to give solid food to baby before 6 months old.

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