Dark Underarm

Hi mommies, do you experience dark pigmented underarms during pregnancy and post? I googled and realised its normal due to the hormonal changes but what can I do to lighten the pigment? Will it eventually go away completely?

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Yeap it's Normal due to the hormones

Ya it's damn ugly. I had it while I was pregnant. Now almost 3 months after birth, it's gotten lighter.

It will eventually go away after you gave birth.

Yass!!! It is so ugly. I am now pregnant have the dark patch on my armpits, even on my neck. But my sister said it will go away after give birth. :(((

Got to experience that also, after I gave birth it got back to normal, though not in instant.. it’s like 2-3 months after,

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I got it too :( My gynae said I may need surgery cos is like additional milk duct......


Mine went back to normal after giving birth

Same for my 2 pregnancies. Dont worry about it cause it will fade away eventually.

Hey, This is normal experience during pregnancy and the color will fade eventually

Yes and mine is very itchy too!