Folic acid

Mommies can u buy this folic acid over the pharmacy counter in polyclinics ? I just realised this one contains high amount of folic acid (5mg) compared to obimin (1mg) which I’m currently taking. Do I have to worry?? ? currently at 10 weeks❤️

Folic acid
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Thank u mommies!! 😘❤️ I went to polyclinic pharmacy to get it earlier this morning! Ahh so relieved 😅 I’ve recently read and found out that a lot of mommies are taking 5mg folic acid (higher dosage), whereas the obimin I took is only 1mg, therefore I feel bit worried. Since I’m already 10 weeks pregnant now, I decided to take the higher dosage. I hope it’s not too late cos I understand that folic acid is important for baby’s formation and development. ♥︎

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Previously I bought it from unity pharmacy,not sure if it is still selling nowadays..I think NHG polyclinic retail pharmacy(not the medication prescription side, the side selling medical retail items side) still selling,you can check with the retail pharmacy counter staff..

I am 10 weeks too! I just went to polyclinic ystrday to get referral letter and was given the same 5mg folic tabs as the one I'm eating now, (Blackmores Pregnancy) do not have enough amt of folic acid. Obimin i think is for 2nd trimester onwards.

This is prefectly fine. Brought this from unity and shown it to my gyn. He said its fine to take. This folic tables can be found in major pharmacy like unity, guardiance and Watson. So no worry..

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Not sure if you can buy it over the counter. But I was given this for my first pregnancy too. Did your gynae give you any supplements? Just take the ones your gynae gave, it’s good enough

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Hi I haven’t seen any gynae. Only went to poly to get referral from the doctor and she didn’t prescribe me any folic acid as I was on Blackmores pregnancy tablets when I saw here. Thank u so much for your reply means a lot to me! ❤️😘

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We don't necessarily need such high dose of folic acid. The recommended daily dose is just 400mcg, so taking obimin will suffice, plus some folic acid can be found in our diet.

My gynae advised not required to consume folic acid separately after 12week, it's fine to just consume Obimin. The nutrient can also get from our daily foods:)

I bought this in a pharmacy in Malaysia as soon as I found out I was pregnant then told my doctor who told me it’s fine

My gynae said after 12th week, no need to take folic already as some other supplements, there's also folic inside :)

This is available OTC in Guardians. I took this as well.