How much is the max amount of folic acid to take for Prenatal?

Hi All e mummies! I am currently taking Swisse Ultinatal Preconception & pregnancy prenatal (consists of 500mcg folic acid) + 5mg folic acid prescribed by gynae. Is there such thing as too high dose of folic acid or that's fine?? *I am currently preparing for pregnancy via IVF. Thanks in advance! :)

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yes mummy if you do a quick search there are negative side effects on folic acid overdose! negative effects on both mummy and baby. Just follow what gynae prescribed, don’t have to eat anything more. otherwise gynae would have prescribed higher mg folic acid for you in the first place.

6mo ago

stop the multi vitamin. pure folic acid will do

for me, I didn't take extra folic acid as Blackmore's Conceive Well Gold already has folic in it. If it's too much, the body will just not be able to absorb and will be expelled out of your body.