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Hi mommies. Do you bring your child to baby's clinic or normal clinic to see doctor when they are unwell?

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Pd better. I learn a lesson. I use to go to normal clinic when I was small till am marry. I use to bring my daughter there. Everything is OK after seeing doctor. There was once she was having fever chesty cough and wouldnt go down. I went back twice. Still no help. And even cough more worse. Then I decided to go kk. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. Which is very bad stage. Lungs alrdy fill with water. Doc need to drain it out. So need to go surgery. Back then she was 5 or 6 Yr old only. Very heart pain. I should bring her pd in the 1st place. Pd are specialists on children. The normal clinic doesn't seem to know. From then on all my 3 kids will go pd. Only when they turn pri 5 or 6 then go normal clinic.

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4y ago

I had the same experience. I thought my daughter had some rash, afterwards she had fever. All doctor at polyclinic and normal clinic said diff things but after my daughter was hospitalised for neonatal lupus, i went to see PD all the way. I thought i was just being overprotective thats why i asked.

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Sharing my own experience only. Vaccinations - Polyclinic Before 1 years old - PD After 1 - Family GP (that I know and trust), unless major issues e.g. bronchitis, then go to PD Personal preference not to go to polyclinic for pediatric issues. They are essentially GP in training (some may have just graduated from med school) and are not specialised in pediatrics. Even for GP, I would only bring the kids to the GP clinic I know and trust as they are very experienced, worked in hospitals before opening their clinic, and currently their clinic handles a lot of young children as we are in a fairly "young" estate. There are plenty of GPs i wouldn't trust even with my own health, let alone the kids.

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Polyclinic, unless it’s something more unusual that I think the polyclinic doctors can’t handle.

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Baby we bring to pd. Vaccinations to polyclinic Now that he's slightly older maybe will go GP

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Paediatrician. I started to bring them to those experienced GP when they were 6.

PD better. Normal clinic might not have certain medicines for baby.

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Polyclinic. Only when can claim insurance like hfm, then go pd.


PD too pricey so I either bring to GP or Polyclinic

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Baby’s clinic