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Hi mommies! My baby is 5 months plus. Realised that he has been sleeping through the night lately and will wake up at 7 am the next day. His last feed is usually at ard 10 ish pm going to 11 pm. Should i wake him up for his feed? Hes drinking 120 ml every 3 hrs. Have yet to introduce solid food to him. I read articles and it states that its good when babies not newborn who can slp through the night but my mil and sil are saying otherwise.

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Let him sleep, don't wake him up. We adult also don't like to be disturbed My boy going to 6months, he start sleep 6hrs also Last fed at 10/11pm and wake up at 5/6am

How lucky to have baby sleep thru the night😄. No need to wake them up. Sleep is important for them. If they are hungry, they will wake up and cry for milk :)

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I think after the first month there's already no need to wake baby up for milk. You're very lucky your baby can sleep through the night so don't bother him 😅

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Congrats! No need to wake him up. He just needs about 120-150ml/kg of milk per day during his waking hours:)

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My LO sometimes sleep through the night. Depends on her last fed. Sometimes will wake up at wee hours.

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Sleep is as important for their growth. It's ok to let baby sleep through the night!

Thank you mommies for your replies! Put me at ease now😊 i shall just let him sleep!