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I was prescribe obimin, fish oil and vitamin d+calcium tablet. I read that its best to take calcium tablet few hrs after obimin. Is it true? Sometimes i always forget to take the calcium tablets, when i do it will be at 4-6pm..Is this alright? I dont really like drinking milk.I'm in my 2nd trimester.

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Yes 2hrs apart for calcium. For me, after my morning prayer (around 7am) I’ll have some dates or a banana and take my Obimin and DHA. I’ll set my alarm to take my blood pressure (I have pre-eclampsia post-delivery so was asked to monitor at home) and Vitamin D when I wake up around 11am. I’ll set another alarm around 9:30pm to take my Aspirin (prescribed by gynae too) before bedtime. Sometimes I’ll miss Vitamin D so I take it with my Aspirin at night. I’m in my 2nd tri too. I think best is to set alarms for your vitamins and keep 1 or 2 days supply of pregnancy vitamins spare in your purse/bag in case you left house for the day and you forget about your vitamins.

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Not sure about obimin, but if like what previous commenter mentioned that it contains iron, basically you have to wait about 2hours apart for iron and calcium, reason being calcium will reduce/affect the absorption of iron, hence, the benefit of iron will be reduced or maybe cancelled out? My gynae advised 2hours apart. Some Google websites state 1hour is enough. My gynae suggests taking calcium in the day and iron by night will be easiest. Hope the info helps.

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My gynae prescribed me with multivitamin, fish oil and vit d calcium too. But in my 3rd trimester she added additional iron supplements. Multivitamins usually contains iron. My gynae told me to take my iron in the morning. So I took iron multivitamin in morning and calcium with fish oil in evening.

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Obimin contains iron, and it must take separately with milk, or even with calcium. You can take Obimin and Fish oil together, and two hours later you can take calcium.

I didn't know this. I just take everything at one shot. haha