Hi mummies . Need your help. Is it possible if I never consume any multivitamin and just consume folic acid , iron and calcium ? I having a side effect if I consume multivitamin

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I would suggest to take if you can, maybe find a brand that you are comfortable with? As sometimes our diet may not provide us with all the necessary nutrients essential for baby's growth.

1y ago

I took blackmores and found it to be quite good. Easy to take as it's a soft gel capsule. Can try.

Try mama milk powder? I have difficulty swallowing pills, and taking either gummy vits or maternity milk powder.

folic acid only after first trimester is insufficient

1y ago

folic acid is a must but need more than just that. i told my gynae i can’t stand the multivitamin and she prescribed me with another brand which is much better. u can try that

Better to check with your gynea ;)