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Is a milk bottle warmer necessary?

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To warm up breastmilk, it’s pretty useful because it speeds up the process. Unless you have a hot water dispenser at home to get you a bowl/cup of hot water quickly to warm the milk in. The reason for speed is because baby will be screaming for milk if we can’t get the milk ready quickly. And we can’t microwave the milk, which causes hot spots and scalding of baby’s mouth. If you’re using formula milk, then there’s no need.

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Not a must have but It helps alot, cuase you can just pop the bottle from fridge to warm it for few mins and get the right temperature for baby to drink straight. Cause at times when we boil mater and let it stand it could be too hot for baby

To me not necessary,im feeding formula milk, if leftover milk i will soak in a hot water to warm it... if baby half an hr still dun want the milk,i will juz throw away

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If you're sure to do breastfeeding yes. If formula feeding, no point at all. I suggest not to get warmer first until you're sure of doing breastfeeding :)

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If you will use it for a long time then it will be helpful. You can also warm milk using warm water.

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If BF then yes. If FM no. If LO cannot finish milk, not supposed to heat up and feed again.

Yes depends on how long to planning to feed from the bottle

Super Mum

Depends on hw long u intend to use ebm..

Make you easier when busy


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