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Hello, mga Momsies. First time mom here. I am on my 8th week. I experience nausea and headache once in a while and I am tempted to use essential oils. Applied in the temple sana for relief and diffuse sa room to help me sleep. Pwede ba sa 1st trimester ang essential oils? Thank you po.

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Accdg dito sa app, it's unsafe pero you can still ask your OB if you can use. For me naman, you can still use essential oils in small amounts lang pero during the 2nd or 3rd trimester lang dapat. There are essential oils na safe for pregnancy like lavender, chamomile, etc. And meron naman unsafe like clary sage, rosemary, etc. NOTE: Essential oils are helpful but they can be dangerous when not used properly and appropriately. 😊 Kindly read this article also, it might help.

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Not sure mommy. Pero ako nung ganyan, white flower lang inaamoy ko lagi.