Mense And BM

Will mense affect /stop BM?

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It depends. I'm fully direct latching on demand + pumping but my menses came right after lochia ended. I basically bleed for entire two months. However it did not affect my supply. Many have said that menses does affect breastmilk supply however will regain back after menses have ended. Certain people rely on eating supplements to maintain supply during menses period.

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For my second pregnancy, my mense come back after 6months exclusive breastfeeding. Sometime I feel the milk supply low during my menstruation period. I still breastfeeding him now. He is 16 months old now.

To add on, it is nt true that BF = no menses. I BF my boys till about 10 mths but menses resumed ard 6 mths. Supply dipped after tat

Do you mean breastfeeding? Usually if you breastfeed your menses won’t come and if you stop breastfeeding then the menses will come.

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Hi... if you’re breastfeeding, you won’t have menses. Once you stop breastfeeding, your menses will return

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if bf.. then no menses

It will reduce supply