hi mga mommies!

may marerecommend po ba kayo na supplements or capsules para lumakas ang breastmilk supply??

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any malunggay capsule 3x a day. fenugreek. m2 malunggay tea, you can take it hot or cold. soymilk. oatmeal, for some milo. gatorade 2x a week. and make sure you drinknlots of fluid. plus sabaw everymeal.

hi, u can try malunggay capsule po. its effective and usually nirereseta yan sa momshies and momshies to be

yes M2 raz minimum of 2 liters of water, every 2 hrs pump or padede kay baby. kain ka din oatmeal.

Fenugreek sis pero you also might want to check @galactobombs on instagram. They sell lactation sweets 💖

try M2 po.. nabibili sa andoks or robinsons po.. liquid po siya pwede mo ihalo sa hot water or cold

natalac. pero much better malunggay tea inimin mo

life oil po , recommended ng ob ko 😊

Try life oil malunggay capsule

Eat more vegetables

mega malunggay capsule. 😊