frustrating backaches

No matter how many pillows I take to my bed to support my back and belly, I end up waking up a few times a night to shift and adjust my position. I read that posture during waking and sleeping time is important so I take care to position and support my back properly. A lot of times by 6am or 7am the pain is too much the bear I give up trying to go back to sleep. I'm in my 13th week and people have expressed their surprise that I'm experiencing this so soon. Come on, every woman's body is different when pregnant. Any one who experienced this and manage to overcome their backaches? Any suggestions? I miss my sleep!

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Hmm.. for me i experience towards the end when belly is big alrd but i've had back ache for forever alrd.. maybe you want to try prenatal yoga and ask instructor to show you ways to stretch your back!