🀰🏻 THIS OR THAT:πŸ€” Matatamis o Maaalat?

🍦SWEET vs SALTY🍟--do food cravings point to certain baby genders? Here are 6 science-based signs that reveal your baby's gender: https://ph.theasianparent.com/baby-gender-prediction-science-based
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🍦Matatamis / Sweet Foods 🍩
πŸ” Maaalat/ Salty or Savory Foods 🍟
Wala. Neither!

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More on Maasim for me! pero if need to choose between salty or sweet, mas SWEET ang cravings ko! :)

both . kaso binawal ni hubby😒

both po kahit bawalπŸ˜…

both naman trip ko

sweets Po sa akin



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