For a marriage to last, what are the 3 most important things needed?

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1) Communication Is Key If there is a problem, you have to talk it out instead of bottling it up inside and resenting each other for not having telepathic powers to pick up on what you're stewing about on the inside. You should also make it a point to chat with your partner about things not related to paying bills, the kids, or your jobs -- talk about other stuff that interests the both of you (like when you were still dating!). 2) Fidelity In Body And Mind Have respect for your partner by remaining faithful and loyal in your marriage. If you cheat on your spouse who has always been there for you, taken care of you, puts up with your bad days, and still loves you unconditionally, then you are only cheating yourself out of true marital bliss. 3) Remember To Have Fun Marriage and parenthood is tough. There are days you will feel like giving up, packing your bags and running away forever! But if you allow yourself to have (good and clean) fun with your partner, your children, or as a whole family, it will help you enjoy the journey and quickly forget about all the rocky bumps in the road.

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1) Trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and a marriage can't possibly thrive in a climate of distrust. 2) Space. Couples can't possibly spend all their free time together. They need to socialise and interact with other people. 3) Effort. A marriage is no different from a car. Without regular maintenance and servicing, it's bound to breakdown. Likewise, couples need to put that occasional extra bit of effort to do nice things for each other. And on regular days, there should be effort to be fully present, giving your partner undivided attention, away from the t.v. and gadgets. And of course, make the effort to have sex. A lot of it ;)

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communication. cos if nobody talk to each other... you both wont know what u both need. and u only hv ur hub , hubs hv you. forever. so talk everyday even nothing to talk

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Forget&forgive, never bring out family issue and never bring in outside issue, lastly talk to each other honestly

Communication, respect, and trust. Never let family get involved in your business with your partner.

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Good communication Trust and transparency Intimacy (because friendships need the above 2 as well)

We love each other, then we trust each other and we care each other

Loyalty, trust and love. (But it's never just 3 things, is it?)

Sex, more sex and alot of sex! Hahaha!

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Mutual respect, communication and love❤️