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Okay so basically my sister has been wanting to file for a divorce as things are not working out .. she has 2 kids ( 9 months & 3 years old ) . It may or may not be a easy divorce , depending if he wants to or not but she clearly wants to . What are the procedure like ? ( Civil Marriage ) Understanding the separation terms , they got married in the year of 2018 .. How does this separation thing work ? Any paper work required ? How about child maintenance ? What is needed to do .. and the lawyer fees ? Do advise !! #advicepls #pleasehelp #world

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she can file for a divorce with a family lawyer. separation requires an official paperwork but they’ve been married for >3 years so she can just file for divorce straight (no need separation) i think. child maintenance will have to be discussed either with her husband or through lawyers. lawyer fees depends on which firm you hire.. there are some more affordable rates eg IRB law. you can read more here https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-articles/divorce-fee-guide-singapore

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they will need to file for separation officially if they want it to be in writing. the terms of separation will be discussed and written down. after 2 years, if they decide to go ahead they will part as per the terms discussed. this option may takes longer but it's cheaper. you can always ask her to head over to legal aid website to apply for a 30min free consultation session.

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