Bathtime is our bonding time!

She loves the running water and I love to give her the protection that she needs as we enjoy our moment together. From day 1, we've only been using Cetaphil on her. Because it gives her the 5-fold protection that babies need. Cetaphil is gentle, soothing, has moisture seal, has skin barrier and is hypoallergenic. All these 5 qualities of Cetaphil gives me the peace of mind that I am giving my baby the best and a #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves. Cetaphil also has a new products for eczema-prone skin. Check out Cetaphil PRO line so you don't have to worry each time there's a skin flare-up. Another reason to love Cetaphil more! @cetaphilph @theasianparentph

Bathtime is our bonding time!
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Who doesn’t love cetaphil?

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bath time, fun time 💚💙

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Only the best for our kids


Cetaphil!! 💙💙💙