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Hi lovelies. I went to the polyclinic on Tuesday to get a referral letter to NUH. Just wondering, how long will it take to get an sms from them on the appointment date? The doctor from polyclinic didn’t inform me 😅

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Oh mine was super long. I went to poly at week 3-4 (late June) and NUH appt was when I’m week 12-13 (2nd week aug). U will get a SMS from NUH on the time and date and can download the oneNUH app. Will be helpful to track future appts.

i went to the polyclinic as well, got referred to kkh. the nurses at the polyclinic would have placed an appointment for u with the time. then they will also sms u for reminder :)

within a few days you will receive the sms but appt date will be few weeks later depending on your number of weeks n nuh availability for appt. heard kk easier to get appt slot

You can check your appointments via health hub. I didn't receive sms and decided to check through health hub. Mine was referral to kkh.

Depends on slot cos alot of pregnant women this yr. Mine was 4 weeks, last June. Check your healthub cos I remember I didnt get any sms.

2y ago

Yes. I was about 6 weeks when I went to poly & had my 1st ultrascound in NUH 4 weeks later at 10 weeks +.

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Shouldn’t take too long…think within the next few days

2y ago

Thank you dear.

about a week. or you can check the healthhub app.