LO turning 6 months soon. How many meals per day should they have?

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Your meal including milk? Morning intake cereal 1-2 hours milk depends on your LO. Take blended porridge around 12pm. Take a bit of milk before sleep. For some child they want milk before sleep... 3pm-4pm baby bite 3.30/4.30 milk. Roughly like this but still depends on your timing. Some childcare trained this way

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Can start with one meal of rice cereal mixed with mashed banana or potato and the rest having milk as usual. Going into 8 or 9 months, u can replace one milk feed with porridge with mashed fish flakes or minced meat and veggies purée etc.

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If you're just starting out, baby won't take much. So continue the regular milk feeds and let the LO try a little bit of pureed food when you have your meals. Also acts like a cue that everyone eats together:)


Start with 1, then slowly increase as they grow older. Milk is still their main meal at this age.

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Start with 1 first. You observe baby’s appetite

Hi, Please start with 1-2 solid meals a day


1-2 meals with solid food is a good start

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I started with 1 and slowly increase to 2

Start with 1.. then gradual increase

Start with 1. Then slowly become 2