My LO is now 3 weeks old. I always try to latch him as much as possible Everyday. My mum will bottle feed him when I am asleep (5am - 10am /11am usually) as I took the midnight shift . I always wake up very engorge. Then I will latch him the first thing after I woke up. I need that few hours sleep as I find it hard to slp when my baby slp as I Nd to let my mum rest too. I have enough milk supply. By using haakaa, I usually get around 60ml -120ml per latching, and my LO is currently on half bm and fm due to jaundice. 1. Will this routine lessen my supply? 2. Is it that I have to follow strictly with the ‘pump every 2 hours ‘ advise that I see on every article? 3. Do u all pump every two hours on schedule even during sleeping time?

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Will suggest you to pump or latch 2 to 3 hourly first. Until your milk have stable. Any dragging at this point will lead to Engorment or even Mastitis. Its from my experience. I understand its very tiring and torturing. You just need to endure awhile more. Slowly you can pump lesser time a day. I start to drop pump when my baby is 3 month old.

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