Hi all, my LO is hitting 3 months, currently at midnight he doesnt want to drink.. he only drank 30ml and sleep until 6am. Is it okay? I tried to wake him up at 4 for milk but he still refuse and continue sleep.

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It is okay, probably because your LO is getting ready to sleep through the night.

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Yes. I noticed there will be periods of time my LOs drank very little but also some periods of time they drank a lot.

Is ok do not worry. They do not feel hungry when they sleeo. My baby girl sleep thru the nite after her last feeding. I will only latch her when she start sucking her finger with her eyes still close. After tat she continue slping all the way till morning.

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It is a blessing..... 😂

Just let ur child sleep. If they r hungry they will wake u up. All parents hope their child can sleep thru the night. So both child and adult have enough rest.

Maybe he is ready to sleep though the night. It's good news!

Yes,when their son stomach capacity is larger, they can also through the night

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How much you give during day time and how many times. Maybe the baby is full.

How I wish my 4mth+ baby is like this.. they will wake u up when they are hungry.. just rest..

JUST LET HIM SLEEP! U wont regret it 😂