my dauther has a fever what should i do?

My dauther has a fever what should i do ?

my dauther has a fever what should i do?
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There could be many reasons for a fever. To lower her body's temperature, you could do these: 1. Sponge bath 2. Apply a cold compress on her forehead 3. Put a cotton ball with alcohol under the armpit. 4. Do not cover her with blanket (for the heat from her body to escape quickly). Check with your pedia.

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Let her drink some vitamins po ate and cool fever para sa ulo. Every 4rs lang po yung biogesic 4 kids

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ilang araw n momshie? pagnag3 na po..pacheck up mo na..baka dengue paghindi nawawala

If 38 po temp need to take medicine . If jot sponge bath laang po

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Consult to your doctor po. Para po mabigyan ng proper medicine.

Better to check.up than to self medicate

Consult the pediatrician for proper medication.

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Bring her to the nearest clinic

take meds..