LO face has a long scratch

My LO face was accidentally scratched by mil, any need to see a doctor or can apply normal body moisturiser?

LO face has a long scratch
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As long there's no bleeding, I don't think there's a need. Whenever my boy has a scratch, I just use a baby balm to spread over it. I use Inara Organics Soothie Woothie or Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm. Even used Vaseline before when I'm out of baby balm and it helps to reduce the redness and in a few days the scar becomes invisible. Unless ur baby's skin is sensitive , u can just use any baby balm.

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my gal always scatch herself, their self-healing very fast. I didn't apply any medication

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apply some moisturizer first, it should heal by itself

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Apply virgin coconut oil. It will help heal faster

Shd heal by itself