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My Lo didn't respond to the bell test during 3mth developmental check and 4 mth follow up check. He could turn his head well and respond to sudden loud sound but seldom look at us when we call him. Any mummies experience this? Also we were referred to NUH for further check up but the earliest appt is in July. Am worried that it will cause developmental delay by then if there is really a prob with my LO's hearing. Any recommendation where else we can go to for a detail check up? TIA!

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My baby did not respond to the bell ring but respond to sudden loud noise too. She was required to return for another checkup at polyclinic. I just knew that my baby can hear, it's just that she likes to ignore sometimes. So we came bck and she passed. All's well 😊she's now 2.

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You can go to PD for the developmental check.