Newborn Baby Crying

My NB cries when we put her down. Wants to be carried. Will shock and cry loudly. What can we do to calm her or is it ok to keep carrying her when she cries? Can only put down when she deep sleep but today she's very different.. immediately cry when we put her down or when we stop patting her. #pleasehelp #advicepls #ThanksInAdvance 🙏

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Totally normal! Don’t fret, it’s just a phase. Try swaddle, white noise, walking around the house. Mine used to calm down very quickly with a little fresh air, by a window or balcony.

Did you swaddle her? If not, try swaddling white noise. And yes! It’s perfectly normal to soothe a NB by carrying her. Skin to skin can calm a baby down 🥹 It will get better as she grows.

2y ago

yes, we swaddled her and also we use white noise too. but once we put her down she got shock and start crying loudly. I try to latch her when she cries but once she deep sleep we put her down she got shock again and cries again 🥺