Fever in infant

Hi mommies! My son just went for his monthly jab. He has fever 39.3. Must we go to kkh once if his temp rises to 40? I’m so worried. We just gave him milk. His usual feed is 120 ml every 3 hrs but we reduced it to 90 ml as he cannot finish his last 2 feeds. Right nw he left 50 ml. He drank 40 ml only.

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Fever if 37.5 and above - give paracetamol (there's a limit of taking paracetamol. only in 24hrs, every 6 hours) if fever persistence, pls go to see doctor -- U can ask the nurses from polyclinic as well If hit 38c, u must send ur baby to hospital. This is advice given from polyclinic that i always used to go. If u re worried, u can bring ur baby to polyclinic and maybe they can write a recommendation letter to hospital. If u go private hospital, its easier. E.g : mount alvernia

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no use go to kk if the fever is only started, the doctor there will underestimate you, and send you home, tell u to comeback after 4 days if still fever (even if the fever almost reach 41, happened to us last time), just give paracetamol, but use the dosage from PD

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Do give your son paracetamol for any fever above 37.5 degrees celsius. As he is also not drinking well, you may need to bring him to KKH for his fever if he really hits 39 degree celsius. Please sponge him in the meanwhile to keep the fever down.

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Did pd gave you med for fever? Fever is a side effect of the jab. Hoping for his speedy recovery.

3y ago

Yes! They gave us paracetamol. Thank you. ✨

Is normal after jab will caused fever