Sleeping hours

My LO is 16days old and i feed her forumla only at night (1-2x only) about 90ml. is it normal/ok for her to sleep for 5-6hours straight without waking for milk??? i feed her BM throughout the day and she's drinking about 70-90ml every 2hours.

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if she doesnt have jaundice, is gaining weight and has wet/dirty diapers it should be ok.

yes! As long as bb weight gaining well, you don't have to wake them up 👍🏻

yes it is normal, as long as her weight is increasing steadily, it is all good

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Yes it’s ok as far as she is healthy n drinking well remaining day

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If she has no jaundice then don't have to wake her up.

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It is ok if she’s gaining weight and no jaundice.