My sons 10 months old and hasn't got any teeth yet. I'm a little worried. Would you suggest going to the doctor to find out if anything is wrong?

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Hey! Honestly, you do not need to worry about it. It is absolutely fine because sometimes teething can start at the age of 15 month as well. I remember, my niece started teething when she was 14 months! And sometimes, late teething may run in the family. So, let your son take his time, there is nothing to worry! :)

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The short answer is no. The age at which a baby's first tooth appears can vary enormously. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 10 months he is, almost certainly, just taking his time.

Nope nothing to worry about. Some kids don't get their teeth till 12 months or so. As long as he is eating happily you should be fine...

nothing to worry about my son didnt get his first tooth till he was 14months , his now 3 and still doesnt have them all

I didn't get any until I was 5 and dentist say the latest they get them the healthier

Don't worry my son didn't get his first tooth till he was 14 months old :)


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