Would like to check where can I bring my lo 9 months who has got eczema to test for his allergy?

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Hi you can bring your baby to KKH for allergy test. http://www.kkh.com.sg/services/children/allergyservice/Pages/Home.aspx You can refer to this page for the details. My niece had her allergy tested there too. If you want a subsidized rate you will have to get a referral letter from polyclinic. But if you can't wait then just go there directly as private patient.

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Yeng Lee is correct KKH at the paediatrician. I had mine done for baby. There is a chart of groups for you to choose from. I did 3 different categories. Afterwhich i found out baby wass allergic to both egg white and egg yolk.

My two boys have both gone to Dr John Chiam (close to Buona Vista) for skin issues and i highly recommend him! His clinic is on the ground floor of a HDB complex , nothing fancy but hes absolutely fantastic

Peter Goh, has fastest and most affordable one for most common allergens -$350 - 57 food items

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You can bring to KKH. Go to polyclinic if you want a referral for cheaper fees

Kkh. I did mine at the private clinic. The results is immediate too.