Hi , my less than a month LO is currently having constipation for almost a day but have been eating alot. Is it normal ? she on hybird feeding...

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Yes, it's normal. I brought my LO to PD after 3 days and he was given some oil to help him poo on the spot. U may want to call ur PD to check how long u should monitor ur LO.

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Same here. My lo did poop but before that he seemed so uncomfortable trying to get it out. Did you managed to get any solution? 😕

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Yes, my boy had a 13 days no poo record and he was fine. Don't try to offer other things to help poo if it is only 1 or 2 days.

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Perfectly normal:) not every baby poops every day, especially with formula milk

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Monitor for second day, else have to see what’s the issue. Baby cry?

3y ago

not really crying much but he look uncomfortable .

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Maybe can bring to a pd just to have a peace of mind

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One day is fine.

It's normal

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Ya normal