Threatened Miscarriage

Last two weeks, i experience slight bleeding when i urine and swipe with blood stain on pants or even pad and not even a slight pain....went to A&E and did a heartbeat is fine and Dr claims that its threatened miscarriage....gave me medicine and just rest at home....some days there is bleeding and some days there none....have anyone experience this before....currently at 10 weeks

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I had some spotting only seen when wipe, very minimal but kept going on for days. No pain, no cramps and baby was fine during all check ups. One day after jogging I saw some brown blood on my underwear. I went in for a check and gynae did a vaginal check and saw a cervical polyp that’s causing the bleeding daily. But it’s nothing much to worry about, doesn’t affect the baby who is doing fine. Maybe have a check and see if it’s any benign growth?

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