Pregnancy insurance?

Hi Ladies, is it recommended to buy pregnancy insurance ? Does anyone have experience to share please?

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I bought from AIA. I developed pre-eclampsia post-pregnancy and baby had to undergo phototherapy due to jaundice. I was hospitalised for 6 days after I gave birth due to my complication which I didn’t have any problems with during pregnancy. Below I’ll break it down for you so you can decide if you need maternity insurance or hospital insurance more. My total bill size alone was $11,526 (excluding baby) and Govt grant was $7242. I had to pay cash of $4284 which was absorbed by my hospital plan with AIA. My baby’s hospital bill was $2053, Govt grant of $980. Balance was deducted by husband’s Medisave. I was given $900 cheque for my daily hospital stay. My pre-natal visits amounted up to $1178 in total which I was informed by most parents in here that it will be reimbursed back to my Medisave. However I got a cheque of $1178 instead as it was absorbed by my hospital plan. At first I bought maternity insurance because I thought it would cover for pregnancy complications or after birth complications but boy was I wrong. Pre-eclampsia is only covered when you develop it BEFORE birth, after you purchase your maternity insurance. That’s what my agent told me. I seriously don’t understand how it works but lucky for me with or without the maternity insurance, I didn’t have to fork out a single cent at all. Instead I received some cash in hand. All covered by my hospital plan instead of maternity. You may want to clarify with your agent about everything before you sign up for any kind of maternity plan. If you haven’t gotten a hospital plan, I would suggest you take one now before any medical condition arises (if you have none at the moment). My agent showed me legit bills of his clients (particulars removed) for the pregnancy complications that they were able to claim using their maternity insurance. So do clarify properly with your agent ok? After I gave birth, I transferred my maternity insurance to my baby as a life plan and bought hospital + accident plans for her as well.

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I got AXA empoweredmum :) greatest coverage out of all the plans I researched, more than AIA, including early csection and developmental delay payout. Can either be bundled with investment linked plan, or life insurance which can be transferred to baby with no medical underwriting (this part is similar to AIA!)

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i bought an insurance tgt w my LO. so once my LO on certain age my insurance policy will be transferred to her instead. for me is to play safe at least smth to cover for both of us

That’s nice I got pre ex can’t even buy maternity insurance even if I want to they all rejected me 🥺

I bought from GE my maternity plan beforecwk 20. For me its also more of play safe as well

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Thanks for sharing. I will consider that

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Yup! AIA for me ☺️ then after I gave birth I transferred the insurance to my daughter.

some insurance covers baby’s jaundice phototherapy treatment which could be useful..

Take from AIA.. their coverage is the best so far. I took the Mum2Baby plan and ILP

insurance have to buy in case anything happens! AIA is the best.

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Thanks for sharing I will consider that

I didn't get any