So kids are exposed to 'adult' content in different forms, starting with a simple item number in a Bollywood film to stuff available all over the internet. How do you control what this exposure...can you at all?

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I believe instd of controlling we need to educate our kids about the vanity of Bollywood lifestyle and the dangers of accepting what is morally not acceptable. Even if u control the amount of tv watching and internet browsing, u cannot control the peer pressure and the general lure of this whole thing. The catchy, peppy, fast paced songs and music and the skimpy clothes, with lyrics shrouded with innuendos, these item numbers become sensational hits. Everyone's singing or dancing to it. It's played in marriages, mundan, kitty or school annual day. If u r not dancing to its tunes, u r treated as an outcast. In today's paper, an actress nude pics from an upcoming movie got leaked. It showed full frontal nudity. They interviewed the producer of that film as to how such a problem can happen. He said the actress is just like his sister and would never allow such things to happen with those he views as family....what a hypocrite!!! If he views the actress like his sister, then how could he allow her to do nude scenes...and tht too more than 1. So u can see where the world's stand on morals is....the things that are taboo are presented as artistic... Hence here family morals value come in play. We teach our kids what should be acceptable and what not. As they grow older, their conscience will guide them to reject what is not acceptable and to turn away from these disgusting adult content.

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yes it's pretty disturbing and difficult to 'control' them all the time, but i think a better approach would be to 'filter' out the inappropriate content. also, as parents, sooner or later we too will have to talk on 'these' subjects with them, so that they can freely talk about it with us and share any concerns, instead of getting wrong ideas from friends and peers. as a family, we do not really watch any television, so even if i want to watch something, i usually record it and watch it after the kids are asleep, so that they are not privy to any unnecessary content or even adult ads. my 10 year old does use the internet for school projects and such, but i make sure that i am always around and monitor the sites. a great search engine that you can let your kids use is Kiddle, the kids' version of google search created by google. also, i've made it a point to not make these 'dresses' seem taboo or something to be ashamed of, so my daughter doesn't look at such images as 'wrong' but tends to think they are uncomfortable to wear from a realistic point of view, hence switches off the channel herself or changes the newspaper page herself if she comes across anything like that.

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Enable Google SafeSearch in whichever browser you use.Block website and filter content.Enable parent control for iPhone,tablet, android devices

i'm not gonna get worry about that yet coz my child is still so young...