Just curious, any mummies here who didn't borrow books from libraries for their little ones due to fear of germs being passed around? Or what do you do before reading the library books to the LO? Not exactly a germaphobe, but with the onset of hfmd and the tendency of my baby to grab everything in sight and taste it, I am hesistant...

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As one mummy mentioned, germs do not last very long on hard surfaces. Flu virus, for example can last up to 24 hrs. Most surfaces, have virus and bacteria, not only books and the best way we can stop the spread of infection is hand washing. I have 2 young kids at home and we borrow books from the library every chance we get. I understand that young kids love putting everything inside their mouth. It can be also good for them as it builds up their immunity. Bad if they swallow the pages ;-) But if you worry about the hand to mouth habit, you can handle the book yourself and read to your kids. Then just wash your hands after. Enjoy the gift of reading with your kids :-)

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When my girls were under 1, I only gave them cloth books to read (or play with), which I bought mainly online, cos' of the tendency of them putting everything in their mouths. I washed these books regularly too. I still borrow library books to read to them & to show them the pics. When they were slightly older & could understand not to put books into their mouths, I started allowing them to read the library books on their own.

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To get rid of book bugs, simply open up the book, shaking it a little and then blowing down the spine. bugs don’t like jostling. For the hyperconcious, use a 99 cent bottle of isopropyl alcohol applied to a cosmetic cotton pad or alcohol prep pads to wipe down library books. Also have your kids use hand sanitizer after reading their books.

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i dont think the germs will stay so long on the books. if worry..u can go to the library yrself...than sun/air them for 1 day before reading to them?

I usually borrow those story books with thick pages, use a damp cloth to clean thru every pages before reading to my son:)

not more on germs but the silverfish or silverworms (can't remember d name of the insect) tat can b find in books

I don't think germs will stay on books. If really concerned just dust and shake it a little.