Hi daddies and mummies, where do you get your English books (esp board books and award winning story books) for the little ones from? The common bookstores has limited selection. Thank you!

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Like one of the mummies here said, I buy it off Book Depository. It's free shipping world wide and they are also generally cheaper than the local book stores. For cloth books, I've gotten them off Qoo10 at a reasonable price as well. The Jurong East regional library has a good selection of books for the little ones, and some programmes targeted at early readers, as young as 6 months. You could check it out if your living in the west side.

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6y ago

Thank you! I didn't know they have programmes for readers of such age!

You can sourcing for it online or alternatively you can see if 2nd hand ones are available at places like carousell. If really can't find, lower yr expectations to something that you can find easily at popular stores. In this way, yr kids may have more choices of books available to choose from. Also, library is another place where you can let them explore other books and most importantly, it is FOC.

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I buy second hand, most of the time. I go to the library to borrow. It has more benefits, firstly an outing with lo, second it teaches him the joy of renting and returning. I like the activity. Rather then buying and storing it at home which takes up space. If i need to buy, i get from Carousell.

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Do you use Taobao? I got all my books from there and the prices are cheap. I took down all the titles of books I want with the author and search via taobao. Got my very hungry caterpillar and many award winning books there.

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Library :) Takes a little searching, but it helps if you know the title/author already! I've seen several of those award-winning ones available, and many many board books too :)

Book depository (free shipping) and Amazon USA (free shipping when cart >usd 125 and items meet the requirements for free shipping)

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Try taobao or our local library.