I've tried BLW for my baby since she was 6 months old but until now she plays with her food. She's 1 year old now.. How do I ensure she eats properly instead of playing with her food? As I know that after 1 year old, food is more important than milk.. She drinks only 120ml of milk. And not taking much food too :(

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Do you and the rest of your family eat with baby or does baby have separate eating schedules? I read that it would help if baby is included during meal times. I know it's not ideal because you would have to keep an eye on baby while you're eating but baby tend to emulate what's happening around him. My friend's son is like that -- refuses to eat when he's the only one eating but will ask for food when his parents are eating haha.

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We eat together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast would be just me and her. Hubs will send my #1 to school so they'll go off together early about 7am. Lunch would be together with me and her elder brother. Dinner is when everyone is eating together. She used to be able to eat a lot. But as she grew older, she eats lesser and lesser.

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there seems to be periods of feasting and fasting - continue to offer balanced meals and include her in mealtimes. watch her intake on a weekly instead of daily basis. as long as she's well, meeting milestones, generally happy and not losing significant weight, i won't be worried. continue following your baby's lead

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6y ago

Problem is she is losing weight. She used to be in the 97th percentile and suddenly when we had her check up she was in the 75th percentile. Even her PD is worried for her significant weight loss :(