I give up on cooking

Ive known my husband for years but only got married 2 years ago. That being said, I somewhat know what he likes and doesnt like to eat. So I tend to ask him what he wants to eat rather than wasting time and effort cooking something he would end up not eating. He is the ultimate picky eater and its been hard to cook something and have my dish be finished. I always end up throwing it away a day after because 1. He ends up not eating because of the way its been cooked. 2. He ends up only taking the soupy part. 3. Say will eat it next day but doesnt eat them at all. I got frustrated and basically stopped cooking unless he says what he feels like having. Honestly cooking for myself and eating it on my own is lonely and i've tried incorporating certain ways to cook food that will end up him eating but end up him not liking. I cant stand it anymore. It hurts when he doesnt touch the food I make because of how picky he is, he doesnt even want to try. Just by looking, he wont touch it.

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Same here. I got tired of cooking cos he was picky and unappreciative. The food ended up wasted in the bin. One of the irony part was him telling me that he doesn’t eat spaghetti bolognese after I cooked it for over 4 years of him eating them! So now I cooked once in awhile for myself - eg breakfast is my favourite part of the meal so I cooked once/twice a week and enjoy it alone with a view. It’s my treat for myself :)

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Hi I feel you too. My husband is also a picky eater and I hate seeing food wasted. But I have come to the point where I just throw and don’t bother keeping in the fridge cos I know it’s going to get tossed the next day. Just don’t be too hard on yourself. I convinced myself that even tho I throw away the food, it’s still cheaper than eating outside. That’s just how I keep my mind sane 😂

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6mo ago

thank you dear. maybe i should think of it that way. 🥰

Do you know what his family cooks for him and would you be able to learn those recipes? For me I seldom cook, but when I do I will WhatsApp the husband to ask what he wants to eat tonight before I shop for groceries.