Should I be worried?

I’ve been feel quite unwell and exhausted and when I pee I found out that’s blood. I’m about 6 week and I’ve been having cramping for the past few weeks. My next appointment will be in 3 weeks as doctor says my bb is really small and they can’t even give me an edd till they confirm in next scanning. ):

Should I be worried?
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Please go to gynae or a&e, at least they will give you duphaston or progesterone injection to strengthen your pregnancy. Try to lie down as much as possible too. I had bleeding and spotting in my early pregnancy too and was asked to bedrest for a week. Hope you and your baby are well

I had my bleeding & spotting near to 2nd month end. Rushed to a&e to check and it was all good. This may be due to old blood coming out as the baby starts growing. Best to check ur baby at a&e. Most importantly keep calm and stay positive.

pls see you gyne asap, my gyne prescribe me duphaston when I have spotting, she give me a scan also and discover that I may have blood clot nearby that causes the bleeding.

Please go consult doctor, I have same experience when I was 6weeks pregnant I found blood after pee, Doc advice me inject progesterone. And eat progesterone everyday.

You may go to woman's clinic and get to see the doc quite fast. They will give you Progesterone tablet. Happen to me when I was 8 weeks too.

I would go to A&E right away, hope it’s just a scare and you’ll be fine soon

Please go to the emergency asap. Not a good sign if there's blood like this.

Go for check up the moment you see this blood, not a good sign

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please consult your gynae right away to be safe