It's my daughter's birthday next week and am planning a theme party for her. Any ideas for what themes are in fashion right now?

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Pick one of your daughter's favorite drawing and have her birthday party based on the story. In case you plan to go for any movie based theme then ask her to draw the character first. Use her drawing without judging the level of the drawing for a party. Lets not make our children walking advertisement for these movies. I have worked as a digital artist for almost 20 years in feature films and north america's tv shows. As much as i love film and character, it is sad to know how marketing strategies are made to target kids while concept development for shows. Do celebrate movie theme based birthdays but shift their focus from movie's original character to their own drawn character. Have wonderful and happy birthday party.

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For little girls, I think the whole princess/fairytale theme will never go out of style. How old is she? If she has a favourite Disney Princess, you can go along those lines. I went to 2 Frozen-theme parties last year and one that is Underwater themed (The Little Mermaid). If it were my daughter and she's not old enough to choose/know - I'd throw a Chanel theme party haha. I love the black and white look of the brand. The guests can come dressed up in their best black/white clothes and I'd dress my little girl to look like a mini Audrey Hepburn.

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Some of the popular themes now will be Frozen, TsumTsum and Owls. If I have a daughter (both my kids are boys), I will definitely throw a pink and princessy birthday for her! If there is a character or cartoon she likes, you can choose to do the theme according to it. Picture attached is my friend's birthday cake. Really love the TsumTsum theme with a pink touch!

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Hi, may I know where ur Fren ordered this cake from? TIA!

It does depend on the age, their interests, and what they are reading and what is recently out in movies/ shows. My kids went through 3/6 Fairy, 4/7 Princess, 5/8 Doc McStuffins, 6/9 Frozen, 7/10 Big Hero Six and 8 /11 Harry Potter most recently. ( Yes, I make my girls share a birthday party. long story )

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How old is your girl? Parents usually choose themed based on what the kids like! The most common for girls is princesses party; where all girls will dress in their gowns to attend the party, princesses cakes; princesses goodie bags!

Safari themed party or Circus themed party would be nice! It's colorful and full of adventure..I'm planning either of the 2 on my dau's 4th birthday..check pinterest for more ideas..

Have a theme based on one of her own drawings. It will boast her confidence and will make memorable moment for life.

frozen theme big hit for all princess, choose your girl favourite cartoons themes that suit her liking.

butterfly or garden. lots of flowers, guests can dress in butterfly costume can get theme hamper from them