I am having problems with getting my son to just get himself ready for childcare in the morning. He takes a long time to brush his teeth, change his clothes and have breakfast. Any mummy hacks that you use?

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I did a routine chart for my daugther for her to visualize the activities that she needs to complete each morning before getting to school. After she finish each activity she needs to paste a sticker by the side. This can reduce nagging and reminders for her to complete the necessary tasks, e.g. brush teeth, change clothes and etc. If your child already know how to read clock, you can give a time frame for him to complete each task. Otherwise, for young kids, you can tell him, you need to finish to brush your key before this music has ended, or you need to change your clothes before I finish prepare your breakfast, or you need to finish your breakfast before daddy wakes up and etc. to let him know the time line to complete his tasks.

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Make it a race for your boy! My friend bought stopwatches and place them all around the house. For the morning routine, she challenge her boy to time his brushing, dressing and eating etc as he starts each tasks. She has a paper by the stopwatch for the boy to write down the time taken for each tasks. Was fun for the kid too. But she was saying she has to think of more ideas now as her boy is getting a little bored of this game.

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