issit safe to eat those canned tuna with bread during pregnancy????

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I don't know whether its safe , 2nd time pregnant and I overload myself with thna only , tuna subway , the chilli tuna omg I was mad about tuna sometimes I feel like tuna fish moving inside my tummy (my 2nd one moves almost every time)

Doctors didn’t say cannot eat.. I guess it’s fine because I ate it during my pregnancy. And it’s fine unless you eat tuna for 3 meals a day every day.

My dietician mentioned those ayam brand canned tuna is safe. I eat mine with onion, bread and cheese for breakkie. But yeah eat in moderation. :)

Yes.. I still eat tuna with onions. Everything is fine currently in third trimester:)

It’s high in mercury mummy, very minimum is fine, but best is avoid it.>

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Please avoid. Tuna is high in mercury.

i ate it occasionally


eat in moderation

better to avoid

No , I'll avoid