Seafood consumption

Isit safe to consume seafood such as crab, lobsters etc during pregnancy?

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Fish is an incredible wellspring of protein and omega-3 unsaturated fats, which are really great for your heart. However, assuming you're pregnant, you've likely heard that you ought to stay away from certain sorts of sushi and fish. Fortunately, most sorts of fish, including crab and lobster, are protected to eat while you're pregnant.

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I heard so long not poisonous it’s ok, in moderation. But I personally didn’t eat since I don’t really love seafood 😂

I just avoid crab, lobster and high mercury fish. Occasionally I take prawns but away from those prawn soup.

Yes it's safe so long as not raw. Eat everything in moderation

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Yes it’s ok, for me just not raw and in moderation is ok!

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Yes but just remember everything in moderation (:


yes, well cooked and moderation