30week pregnant . stomach pain at night

Isit normal to have pain (lower stomach) during week ? The pain is mostly at night Sometime will pain or uncomfortable in the morning and afternoon

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There can be pains because of pregnancy.. sometimes the tummy is stretching because baby is growing, and that stretch causes pain/discomfort. Sometimes baby is kicking/turning.. that too can sometimes be uncomfortable. Braxton-Hicks contractions are like practice contractions before the real ones come during labour. It can feel like menstrual cramps.. tightenings in the lower tummy that come and go. They can be uncomfortable and sometimes slightly painful (although not as bad as real contractions). You may get more of these towards the later part of the 3rd trimester. Don’t worry.. having these doesn’t mean you’re going into labour soon:) One thing to note is that there can also be non-pregnancy-related pains. You could have constipation/diarrhoea pains, or other medical causes of pain. If your pain doesn’t go away or you have fever or other symptoms, please see a doctor. Take care:)

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2y ago

Haha thank you so much . Im so scared that im gg to give birth soon 😁

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap take care!

Hey, Do consult your gynae asap for this

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Maybe braxton hicks?

2y ago

U cn go n read ya