Second Trimester

Hi, I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. But I am still facing the same symptoms as my first trimester, nauseous, can’t seem to swallow my own saliva and always feeling lethargic. I thought stepping into second trimester will be a good thing as I heard the symptoms will go away but for me it’s not and I’m starting to feel mentally tired.

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same here. still feeling nauseous, sour taste in my mouth, no appetite, fatigue. have to take diclectin every night to ease the nauseous feeling else i can't even swallow food down without feeling nauseous next day. however, diclectin seems to exacerbate my fatigue.

Same here, am almost 16 weeks but still feeling nauseas & can barely eat. My nausea is a tad milder during the day so that’s when I try to eat more nutritious food and then cut myself some slack in the evening. Hang in there, we got this. It’ll all be worth it

Same here! I thought things would get better once I hit 14w but still feeling nauseous, and gag/puke whenever I smell something unpleasant.. everyone tells me it’ll get better and I’m waiting for that day to come. Hang in there, you’re not alone.

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Sending virtual hugs

Unfortunately, it varies for individual.😰 My pregnancy was a breeze till MS hit me at week 38 😅