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Isit a must to have full month celebration for baby ? I dun wish to have this celebration at the end of the month but some uncle at his side said must have . It's annoying me . Wad gives him the rights to make decision even if he is the biggest uncle bla bla bla . Surname etc is just a word in the ic . It should be my decision the one who give birth to my baby . I said 100 days I'm still ok when I'm at least ready recovered and baby get his full 3 jabs . But some stupid chinese thing old fashion want it 1 month . I feel so stress every single day . I got no appetite to even eat . I'm stress everytime my in laws come n visit they keep talking so loud and chor lor infront of my baby . N when he is sleeping somemore . N when he is sleeping my husband want me to let them carry . Its disturbing my baby . Why are they so inconsiderate . It makes me scared everytime when I hear they are coming . My husband thinks I'm having depression . He thinks I think everyone is a threat to my baby . But tts not wad i think . I just feel ppl shud be more considerate when there is a baby here . I've talk things out with him but haiz . Am I being too over protective towards my baby or am I being wrong .

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Not a must. I didn’t have any full month or 100 days celebration for my baby. Save all the trouble and hassle. Baby is too young to understand and remember all this celebrations. Do what you feel is right, you’re the Mother so you have the final say.

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Ikr. Dunhave is the best . I'm stress later my baby not sleeping or sleeping give them wake up than one by one want carry . All the germs and bacteria from their body all go onto my baby when he havent even get second jab on 1 month . I did said firmly tt I dunwan and told him I dun care what ppl say . But he still want to do it cause got red packets to take and they scared ppl say them (he n his mom) . So now this 1 month thing is he and his mother planning . When I say I make decision he says I'm selfish , says baby belong to me only isit. I said I'm the mother of the child everyone shud respect me . But I end up get shoot back say so the father of the child cant make any decision for baby ? I'm speechless . I dunno how to make him understand .