Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?

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Please don't ever have this thought. Someone should be checking on baby every other minute.

Yesssss WAY!

No.. you will never know what will happen when you are not around..

No is better not you wont know what will happen.

BIG NO!! Dun create unnecessary mistake and regret IF things happen. U can get someone u trust to help u look after awhile while u can run for a quick errand ya. Always baby is the FIRST PRIORITY. 😊

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Pls, never do that.

No. It's unsafe

Yes! I will definitely take the risk

NO. and Never. Things will happen and you never know what it is. Even a quick run to the toilet also i feel uneasy as my LO may wake up any moment.

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No pls don't do that