Is it okay if baby sits in an aircon room the whole day?

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I'm with the rest. I think as long as the temperature is not too cold (perhaps around 24-27 degrees), and ensure that baby is well moisturized, it should be alright. Another thing to note would be to avoid sudden changes in temperature. If you need to bring baby out, do adjust the temperature to a higher one or switch off the aircon for a short period (to let baby adjust to a warmer temperature) before bringing him/her out.

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There is nothing wrong with aircon the whole day if it is not too cold. My child attended childcare and was aircon. It was quite bad as the air was not well ventilated and many children fell sick altogether especially during the peak periods. At home, we do not switch on air con at night unless is very hot. Fresh air is the best if given a choice.

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I personally feel it's ok. Weather recently have been terrible. Having aircon is best. Moreover, to cater to many working mothers, infant care is usually required. Infant care are usually fully airconditioned too. Just be sure to apply lotion and keep babies warm. This should b ok. Cons is unless baby is sick then usually not advisable.

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I don't think so mom because i've consultation with doctor that baby must take care of fresh air. I suggest you to consultation with doctor too when you get confused mom and maybe you can try app Halodoc, I think they hellpfull

Just be sure to get the AC unit regularly cleaned and maintained. Good to also get an air purifier and to moisturise baby's skin!

I think you should take your baby out to get sun light at least 30 mins a day. Baby also need vitamin D and it is very important for baby. Make sure you walk outside during 7-9 a.m. or 3-4 p.m.

Yes it is safe, provided you take a few precautions. It is recommended to maintain a range between 23 and 26 degrees C. Also, keep your baby away from the direct blast of cold air from the AC.

Air con full day will really deprive the kid of fresh air outside. I recommend you taking him to park every evening or morning. That way the kid also feels refreshed

try to crack up the window open a little, stop the AC at that time. just for some frsh air to seep in.


If baby is in aircon room All day, try to have a time out session where baby is out in natural air.