Is it safe for us to do chemical treatment for our hair? Rebonding and hair coloring

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Although no data is available on women receiving hair treatments while pregnant, it is known that little of the chemicals would actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. BUT if you are hesitant (very good reason to be), you can avoid treatments that involve the scalp because these can be absorbed into the bloodstream and in the long run, affect the baby as well as breastmilk. Alot of mommies choose to avoid such chemical hair treatments till after the birth. Some even wait till they are done breastfeeding. Consider alternatives like having highlights put in your hair because the dye is only placed on strands of your hair and does not touch the scalp. This way, the skin does not absorb the chemicals into the bloodstream. Another alternative is pure vegetable dyes including henna. You could also consider home made natural hair treatments. Here's a link that has some awesome ideas:

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The second trimester of pregnancy is when pregnant women often feel their best. - One of the trimester you will enjoy the most. Although new physical changes are happening, the worst of the nausea and fatigue is over, and the baby bump isn’t big enough to cause discomfort yet. Doctors don’t have any concerns regarding the use of hair treatments during pregnancy since the chemicals aren’t absorbed through the skin. If you’re particularly concerned about potential toxins, refrain from hair treatments during pregnancy and wait until after childbirth to color or perm your hair. You may want to try natural coloring agents, such as henna, instead of ammonia-based products. If you do decide to color or perm your hair, make sure that the room you’re in is well-ventilated.

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Although there are no basis that chemical will directly goes into the scalp, I still dare not take the risk. I opt for organic hair colouring and requested for them to be careful and see that the colouring did not touch my scalp.

only the ones without ammonia and I always use mask too to cover my mouth and nose.

i'd rather not.. my hair could wait😊

hmm...nope better be safe than sorry

nothing happens.. but careful

without ammonia colouring

should be avoided

no try to avoid